Enjoying a Durango Summer

What a fun summer it has been.  It is tough to want to work on websites inside during a Durango summer.  My wife and I have been outdoors enjoying all the beautiful scenery from mountain tops to beautiful biking trails.  I am trying not to take on too many outdoor hobbies, taking them all on at once can be really expensive. 

We have also enjoyed all of our new website clients this summer!  There are so many new trends in web design this summer that I am loving!!  You can expect to see new fonts be a new look across the web, as well as large images, and sleek and simple design.  We are designing new websites with CSS3 along with HTML5 which allows for stunning gradient looks as well as simple animations.  Keep an eye on our new web designs for businesses all around Durango.

We also just got back from a mission trip in Costa Rica.  We renovated a skate park in Costa Rica!  It was a blast!

Have a great summer!

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